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To our stash of free for use services created by MkNxG!

QR Code Creator
Create custom qrcodes with our QR Code Creator and API. Change colors, scale and versions!
Creator: Mark @ MkNxGn
Weather API
Create custom weather results with visual rendering. Change locations, response types, and get forcasts!
Creator: Mark @ MkNxGn
Link Shrink
Shrink those bulky parameter filled links with Link Shrink by MkNxGn!
Creator: Mark @ MkNxGn
Mk Meeting
Start a meeting with your colleagues, friends or family! Video calling, audio calls, and chat!
Creator: Mark @ MkNxGn
Web Scraper
Scrape a webpage for page data and search engine appearance
Creator: Mark @ MkNxGn
Staff Reviewer
Get reviews on your staff to see how they are performing instead of dropping your SEO when a bad review hits google.
Creator: Mark @ MkNxGn
Request Link
A new kind of online ordering. Simple, safe, secure.
Creator: Mark @ MkNxGn
Android App for social user. This is a simple development application I started for the sake of learning.
Creator: Mark @ MkNxGn

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