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MkNxGn Commercial Services

Thanks for your interest in MkNxGn Commerical Services. We pride ourself on our quality and always insure a good product. We provide a range of products and services for commercial uses, please select yours from the list below

Local Services
Camera Installation
We offer quality camera installation. Let us know what you need, and we'll get it done. Email us to get a custom quote.

Computer Repair
We offer quality computer diag, repair and virus removal.

Screen Repair
We offer quality screen repair services for smart phones and laptops.

Remote Services
We offer quality website building. We build websites from scratch and allow you the option to host your own server, or get hosted by us!

Machine Building
We build machines from scratch. Such as time clock machines, custom sprinklers, custom scales and more.

3D Printing
Send us your STL's and we will return a quote

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